Thursday, 14 May 2009

Some love from the proud parents

The people who own Nostalgia & Comics (Forbidden Planet International) gave the store some publicity on their blog today with a discussion about the recent free comic book day that the staff held at the store.

The staff on the day got involved by dressing up as some of their favourite superheroes and villains with some hard work going into the costumes! All in all the day was very much a success and we understand why some stores do not get involved in FCBD at all due to the fact it isn't free but considering the store had a flurry of people through the doors first thing in the morning, with a lot of them never having read a comic book before we think the benefits outweigh the costs. Surprisingly the first one to go completely was the "Love & Rockets" title from the day.

(The staff on the day!)

We would like to thank everyone that got involved and came along especially those that dressed up for the festivities, both adults and kids alike!

To read the full story and see some more pictures please visit

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