Monday, 20 July 2009


Right. I'm finally going to start moving the blog in the direction I have wanted it to go in since I started it a while ago.

Starting next week comic book and graphic novel reviews will slowly start appearing on the blog. Now I want the people who shop in the store and read the blog to have a hand in this so I am asking anyone who has a bit of spare time and an interest in writing reviews to send me some. This is not only so we have some audience participation but also because I obviously do not have enough time to read every release every week and review them and we want to know about as many releases as possible. What we do not want is hatchet jobs. I understand that not every book is going to be great but we have to remember that people have (usually) worked hard on the work that is out there. I don't want the reviews to feel like personal attacks on comic book writers or artists.

If you have a review and want it to have a chance to go up on the blog please send it to They may get slightly edited. The content itself will not be changed I just want to double check the grammer and spelling and all that not-as-important stuff!

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