Sunday, 11 April 2010

FCBD Drawing Competition

Choose your favourite character from anything be it a superhero, movie character, cartoon character or so on. Then draw that character as a member of any of the Emotion Corps from DC’s recent event “Blackest Night”. These include:

Green Lantern – Will
Red Lantern – Rage
Blue Lantern – Hope
Indigo Lantern – Compassion
Violet Lantern – Love
Yellow Lantern – Fear
Orange Lantern – Avarice (Greed)
Black Lantern – Death

For example how about our Marvel Corps? This would include the following:

Green Lantern – Daredevil
Red Lantern – Wolverine
Blue Lantern – Captain America
Indigo Lantern – Charles Xavier
Violet Lantern – Cyclops
Yellow Lantern – Phobos
Orange Lantern – Dr. Doom
Black Lantern – Sabretooth

Also we found online someone’s idea for a Muppets Corps!

Red = Animal
Orange = Miss Piggy
Yellow = Sam The Eagle
Green = Kermit
Blue = Fozzie Bear
Indigo = Big Bird
Violet = Elmo

You will however get extra points if you draw a member of staff as somebody out of one of the Corps and you will get a lot of extra points if you draw all of the members of staff!

If you can’t think of a reason and just want to draw someone in a cool costume go ahead! It is a drawing competition after all.

Some examples we have found out and about on the net include this Yellow Lantern Corps Darth Vader!

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